Summer Splash -Day 7

The rules are as they have always been for one of my hunts. You’ll follow the clues and search the blog for the answer. You’ll then email the answers to me 🙂 Easy Peasy! Due to a busy schedule, I’ll be closing each hunt at 9pm EST. Winners will have 24hrs to reply and claim their prize.

Now onto the next set of blogs for your searching pleasure 🙂 You might have to do some really good searching for today’s hunt! I really hope you’re all have a great time entering all the other hops!

1) Mary Pat Hyland:  Q) What’s the name of my upcoming novel to be released this year?

2) Annette Lyon:  Q) In my post, “Attack on the Grammar Fascista,” what word pair did my husband brilliantly drive me crazy with?

3) SL Wallace:  Q) In the third book of my trilogy, to be released later this year, readers will be introduced to Noah. What common disorder is he living with?

Alright, there ya go Hoppers. Don’t forget to email me your answers!


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