Holiday Scavenger Hunt – Day 6

A big congratulations goes out to Ashley! She was my winner in yesterday’s hunt! Apparently Mr. G.R.’s hint was more than just a bit difficult :/ because Ashley was the only one who found it! For those of you who looked diligently, but couldn’t track it down, the name of the poem he dedicated is : The Thing Behind The Door. 😀

Well now onto a new day and new blogs to scavenge! Doncha just love digging around looking for the answers? I know I do! I want to reiterate to everyone who’s entered and has yet to win, please come back and try again! Who knows, today just might be your lucky day to pick one of my books for your very own!

1) Ty Hutchinson – What series of interviews do I host on my blog?

2) Kate Danley – What show is Kate doing?

3) R.M. Strong – How many names do I go by?

And for a bit of Christmas fun, some holiday riddles! These are just for fun and don’t count toward winning.

A) Where does Frosty keep his money?                                              B) What kind of money do elves use?

When you’re positive you have all the answers, Email me with your findings! Have fun and come back tomorrow!


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