Holiday Scavenger Hunt – Day 5

Choo Choo! The days keep on a chuggin’ down the tracks toward Christmas Day and the end of our Blog Hop! And what happens at the end? One lucky grand prize winner will receive a Kindle Fire! I know, right! How awesome is that?! But to get into that selection pot, you first have to participate here and with the other blogs! How do you participate? Each day, check in here and search the days blogs for scavenged items then email me with your final answers!

Congratulations to yesterday’s winner, Ashley! I really hope you love my book as much as I loved writing it!

And for todays hunt, these are the sites you need to search! Remember, some are super easy, and others are gonna make you dig a little! But remember to come back each and every day! Who knows, one of you just might be lucky enough to win a copy of all my books!

1) Donna Ball – What breed is Cisco?  (Donna was even nice enough to add a hint: Click on Dog Mysteries.)

2) G.R. Yeates – Name the poem I dedicated to Poe on the anniversary of his death this year?

3) Emily Ward – Where do the sisters in my short story, Magnitude, travel to after their dad dies?

When you’re done, don’t forget to Email me!


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