Sneak Peeks


The afternoon went by fast as we decorated and shared laughs. The five of us finished setting up everything indoors by lunch time. Argento and Sterling were in charge of the driveway and setting streamers at the corners so that all invited know the way to go. Not that anyone who lives here doesn’t know of his house. For years everyone I ever knew has wondered who lives here. Now I practically live here. I’m here most weekends and almost every evening. My first time here this house was practically bare. There were only a few pieces of furniture to speak of. Now. It looks and feels like a home. Sterling gave me free leave to decorate however I wished, and I have. There is now a dining room table where there used to be nothing more than empty carpet space. I choose a rich wood desk for the study and filled that room with a few books and baubles. I then added a few personal touches to the bathrooms and the living room. Oh, and I make sure he has food and ice in the fridge.

I’d only just sat down and pick up the remote when he pops into the living room. The mere sight of him is intoxicating. And I can’t help but smile at him.

“All done?”

He sits down next to me and pulls me close. You were right. She is a little scary. I did not have the streamers centered just right and she made me move them until they were. He shook his head, They’re just streamers but she said they were the first thing anyone saw and they needed to be perfect.

That made me laugh. “She did that in here too! When I told her that most people were gonna be drinking and not payin’ attention to the precise centering of a tabletop decoration, she glared at me. She said she’ll see and she’ll notice.”

“So what do you want to do today?”

I thought about it for a few minutes. Then snuggled into his side. “Absolutely nothing. I want to veg right here.”

He flinched just a tad. “I sort of promised your dad we would go there if we didn’t have any plans.”

I shrugged. “I don’t care. Your couch or mine. Same difference. As long as we keep it warm, I’m good.”

“Hi. Who are you? Are you sure you have the right house?” My mother asks me when we walk in the front door. “You do look familiar; I just can’t seem to place the face.” She said to me as she tilted her head to the side.

“Ha ha. Very funny mom.”

She snapped her fingers at me. “That’s where you look familiar!” She nodded her head at me like she had just figured out something that had been puzzling her, “Yeah, I guess you could be my daughter. Haven’t seen her in a while, so I don’t know.”

I crossed my arms, “Mmmhum. I was here this morning. For breakfast. We teased dad. Spoke of the party. When I was leaving I kissed you. You said to tell Ari hello. Remember?”

She scratched her head as she scrunched up her face. “I might remember her being here this morning. Those things might have happened.” Then she shrugged, “If she was and they did happen, she didn’t stick around long, so I could have imagined the whole thing.”

I threw my hands in the air. “Oh whatever! I’m here now. An’ we’re staying here for the rest of the day.”

She didn’t offer further comment. Just shrugged and walked into the kitchen.


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