Coffin Hop Contest!

Alright! Day 1! You need to visit these pages and search them to find the answers that you will email to me!

Are you all ready?

#1) Pavarti K. Tyler and you are looking for the answer to : What is the hashtag she uses to promote her upcoming book Two Moons of Sera?

#2) RL. Treadway’s Ink : Search this site to find a blog post about cookie cutters. What is the name of the doggie? 🙂

#3) Renee Pawlish :She reviewed a book by Mary Willis Walker…Which one did she do?

#4) Penelope Crowe  : Somewhere in her blog is a picture of Stephen King…tell me where you find it.

And when you’ve answered these questions, you might want to travel the other Coffin Hop sites and snoop around. You never know what I’ll have you search for?

Coffin Hop


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