Coffin Hop Contest – Day 2!

Here we are for another round of hunting! Congratulations to the winners from yesterday! I really hope you’ll enjoy my book and if you love it, will you be so kind as to leave a review?

Well, here is the next selection of writers blogs you need to search through. So Hop Hop!

#1) Lorelei Bell : In a post titled SECOND CAMPAIGN CHALLENGE. She posted a poem…What is the name of this poem?

#2) CW LaSart : Here’s an easy one! What is the title of the book being released in January?

#3) James Garcia : And here’s a tough one [bwahahahaha] For the post dated 10/10/11 he adds a snippet of his novel, read to find the answer to this question. What did Vincent use to knock on the Police Department door?

#4) Axel Howerton : He’s participated in an anthology with not one, but two authors named Scott Phillips…What is the title of the anthology?


So there you go for day 2!

Good luck to everyone! I wish you all the best of luck on your horror hunt!


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