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Trick or Treat! – Coffin Hop 2014

Halloween Blog Hop

You’re back! Have you been enjoying everything the Coffin Hop blogs have to offer? I hope so, they all went to a lot of trouble to scare you senseless!

Is your mouse finger limber? You’re gonna be clickin’ a lot of buttons today!

Now that you’re ready, head on over to Katie M John’s page. This year, she’s doing NaNoWriMo, what is the title of the book she’ll be working on?

When you’re sure you have that correct answer, your next stop will be peeking in the windows of Kim Koning’s blog. I can’t quite see, but she’s eating something for breakfast . . . what is that!? If you’re brave enough to venture closer, find out what it is for me, will you?


When you think you have the answers I seek, email me here. I will be awaiting all of your offerings!

Be the first to deliver the correct answers and I will give you a copy of The Perfect Pumpkin. A full color children’s book for your ereader.


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A Hunting We Will Go!

Halloween Blog Hop

I see you have returned! I trust you have taken a well lit tour of all the Coffin Hop blogs? Let us hope that you paid attention to your surroundings!

Your first stop will be to go back to Axel Howerton’s page and have another look around. You need to find the title of the next title being released by the Coffin Hop Press.

When you’re sure you have the correct answer, your next stop will be taking a small turn about these dark halls. While there, I want you to tell me what Kintsugi is?


When you think you have the answers I seek, email me here. I will be awaiting all of your offerings!

Be the first to deliver the correct answers and I will give you a copy of The Perfect Pumpkin. A full color children’s book for your ereader.


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Coffin Hop Oct 24~31, 2014

Halloween Blog Hop

Are you ready to take a spook filled Coffin Hop ride? C’mon, admit it, you know you’ve been looking forword to this all year long! I want you to enjoy your time with us to the fullest, so I dare you to stay away from the other sites!

Each of the blogs on the Coffin Hop site are filled with ooey gooey, dark fun! There’s something for everyone at all the sites, so again, I dare you not to check them out!

For all of you, I am hosting a scavenger hunt. I have clues, taken from several of the dark corners of the interwebs, and it is now your job to search out the answers. Are you up for this task? Do you think you can brave the gloom and find the light?

I’ll give you until tomorrow to decide. I’ll be here with your first set of clues, that is if you still believe you’re brave enough to venture into the unknown.


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Brownie Wars

In my house, making brownies means war. I’m not talking about a knock-down-drag-out-fight type war, but its war nonetheless.

Let me explain and I’ll start from the beginning.

Newly married, I knew one of my hubby’s favorite desserts was brownies, so I decided to make them for him one night after dinner. He was in the living room taking care of the baby and I was in the kitchen cleaning up the mess leftover from dinner. Knowing brownies from a box are a quick make, I turned on the oven and proceeded to mix the ingredients together.

Once done, I turned on the timer and went into the living room with the spoon for my hubby to enjoy. I didn’t think anything about leaving my oven unguarded.

I didn’t think I needed to keep an eye on it, or its contents.

Oh how wrong I was.

When the oven timer beeped, I made my way into the kitchen to pull out my surprise only to have the surprise turned on me.

You see, there in the middle of the pan of warm chocolaty love, was a huge divot. Quite literally a crater. As if, somehow, a plug had been temporarily pulled on the pan while the brownies were baking.

All I could do was stand there. Gaping at my now misshapen dessert.

While I was busy trying to understand what had happened, my hubby came in behind me. With a wide grin he asked if they were finally done. As I looked at him, I noticed he had chocolate on the corners of his mouth.baker

Squealing, I threw my oven mitts at him as I demanded to know what had happened to the brownies.

Shaking his head at me as if he couldn’t understand why I was even asking he plainly stated, “Since you didn’t leave me the bowl, I had to take it from the pan.”

I don’t know about you, but when I bake, everything from the bowl goes into the baking pan. I don’t leave anything behind. I scrape the bowl darn near clean of batter before dropping it into the sink. I had always assumed that my offering of the batter-laden spoon was enough.

Apparently, I was wrong.

And so started the Brownie Wars.

Now, when I make the yummy dessert, I have to take precautions to make sure most of the batter makes its way into the oven. I’m still of the mind that all the batter makes its way into the oven. Because of this, I have to either guard the oven for half an hour, or make them while he’s at work.

His stance? He says he’s like an angry volcano and needs a heaping spoon of sacrificial batter to appease his taste buds.

I think he’s just a mischievous two year old wanting to eat raw dessert batter.




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