Boobs and Bras

07 May
Boobs and Bras

Boobs and Bras. If you’re a woman, you have both in your lives. And no, I’m not referring to the man in your life. I’m talking about those things dangling from your chest that men can’t seem to get enough of.

Bras. I don’t know about any of you out there, but for me, shopping for bras is a task I wish I didn’t have to do. Why is shopping for them so damned difficult? Because of the frustrating nature of such a trip to the lingerie department, I tend to purchase enough bras to last me a year. This way as one wears out or the underwire snaps, I simply pull a new one from my drawer and I’m good to go. Crazy you say? Yeah, it is, but shopping for bras does nothing but piss me off. And boy do I get pissed off!

Why, you ask?

I’ll tell you why.

During my most recent trip to restock my dwindling supply, I realized I can’t be the only one out there who hates shopping for bras! You wander up and down the racks (see what I did there? heehee 😀 nice pun, no?) looking at and feeling all the cups to see whats new in bra design since you last had to accomplish this task. You see one you like, search through until you find your size and then wander toward the dressing room so you can try it on. Once there you have to take off you shirt and existing bra to try on the new one. You stand there and model in those ghastly three way mirrors as you decide if this one fits you. And you know what? More than likely, the damned thing doesn’t. But it says its your size! Instead, you’re now being plagued with quadraboob. But its my size! The tag says so!

50s-braWhy can’t a bra size be universal?

To support all bras across all designers?

(Ha! See that! I did it again! 😀 )

But nooooooooo.

After spending more time than I cared to keep track of trying on and then discarding bras, I realized that they must just be guidelines not actual sizes. I eventually found some bras that I decided to buy. And you want to know what I discovered?! Of the eight bras I purchased, they are of three different designers, and are labeled with four different sizes!

Of designer A, I purchased two and they are the same size . . . almost. While they both fit the way I want them to fit, they are by no means the identical “size.” Of one of the bras, the cups fit the way I want, but the other? The cups are a little more roomy.

For designer B, I purchased three. Of those three, only two are my “size” while the other one is a cup size bigger! How is this possible?! It was the same for designer C. Only with that one, one of the bras is my size while the other two are different. One is a cup size bigger and the other is a cup smaller! WTH!

But they’re made by the same people! Shouldn’t they be the same?

Do you see my frustration? Can you feel my pain? Why is this so difficult? And the lady helping me didn’t have an answer. If I could get away with walking around without a bra, I probably would. But I know my hubby would have a stroke!

I can’t be the only one out there to have such issues with bra shopping. Or maybe I am and I just have wonky boobs!



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