09 Mar

Life In The Jungle

Edwin StarkImagine a better world, where ignorance is kept at bay and people have a real opportunity to improve themselves and be able to fight for a better life.

Well, ready? It isn’t going to happen on its own. This dreams needs my help (and particularly yours) to become a reality…

Of late, the government of my home country has kept cutting the funds alloted to the Venezuelan branch of Fe y Alegria, an international organization whose goal in life has always been the education of the lower classes. The logic behind this high-level decision is pervasive but sound: Keep the lower classes ignorant, so they remain gullible as hell. The more gullible they stay, the more votes they cast in their favor whenever the government looses the strings of the budgetary purse.

The equation is simple; anyone who fails to see it is just a moron. Of course, this has…

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