Summer Fun!

18 May

When we were kids, what was the one thing we looked forward to most of all? Well, besides our birthdays and Christmas. Why, Summer Vacation! The last day of school! All the fun you got to have that day saying goodbye to your classmates until next year. All the planning that you’d make that day with your best friends. All the things you would, and wouldn’t, do. The turning off of the alarm clock, because you no longer need it…ahhh. Summer Vacation. Those two words are amazing when paired together, aren’t they?

Well, working in preschool, I can tell you I’ve been counting down the days until the last day. I even made our classroom a countdown chain that the daily helper would remove a link each day so they could see just how close we are to the end. They love the chain and knowing summer is almost here.

What will your plans be for the upcoming months? Will you pack your family into the car or onto a plane and go somewhere? Will you stay home and just enjoy your surroundings? Whatever they might be, summer is a time for exploration and living. Loving the bloom of the flowers and the scent they leave on the breeze. For getting out and enjoying what life has to offer.

I know I will. I’ll be enjoying each and every day and wishing that summer could stretch on just a few more weeks at least towards the end. But I know that even though it can’t, there’s still next year!

For me and my family, my husband and I are trying to decide if we’ll send our two boys to visit my brother for a few weeks. 😦 A few weeks without my babies? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, they’re teenagers (16 and 13) and they’ll have a blast being out there, but damn it, they’ve never been gone more than a weekend! My brother just keeps telling me to cut the apron strings already and toss them on a plane. But nope. Not quite ready to break out the scissors just yet. I might be able to send them, but as I tell my boys, it isn’t going to matter if you’re married with your own children, they’ll always be my babies.

Sigh, see. Summer vacation’s just arrived and already there are things I can put off until tomorrow 🙂

Enjoy your summer, I know I will!


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