Indie Author: Angela White

10 Oct

This week I have a brand new victim to my 20 Questions hot seat! Sitting under the spotlight is Angela White. She was super excited to visit and I’m so happy to have her as a guest! She’s an author of 13 chilling novels with many more on the way! Her latest The Survivors is post-apocalyptic horror-ish love story. Intrigued? 🙂 Then read on friends, read on!

1.) Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m a mean, lean writing machine who recently left her day job to be a full time author!

2.) How long have you been writing?

Since I was in elementary school. Seriously. My first book is in a library right now in Southwest Ohio.

3.) Do you have a preferred genre that you read? Is it the same as what you write?

I love horror, the S. King kind. I like to write in dark fantasy, which we all know is a horror subgenre. Guess I didn’t stray too far.

4.) What is the title of your book and where can it be found?

The Survivors. It’s on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and many others.

5.) Describe your novel in 15 words or less.

Seven gifted people are destined to rebuild the world. If they can stay alive…

6.) Where did the inspiration for your story come from?

The Terminator films and watching President Clinton’s election speeches.

7.) How long did it take you to complete this novel from concept to published?

Over 20 years.

8.) When you sit down to write, how does that process go? Do you outline or just let it evolve?

Both. I outline and then let it flow. Where it stops, my readers know…

9.) Are there any aspects of writing you struggle with?

Editing! I slept too much in English class!

10.) Are there any aspects that you simply glide through?

Connecting parts and emotions. I feel it. That’s how I know it’s good or it works there.

11.) What sets your book apart from others in the same genre?

You mean other people write this stuff too? Smiling. My stories are different because they grab you and won’t let go. You’ll find yourself thinking about them weeks later and have to go back. Grinning. I’m addictive.

12.) What is the location of your story setting and why did you choose that place/time?

The end of the world by nuclear war in the year 2012. Don’t know a more perfect time or place for an apocalypse.

13.) Your main characters, tell me about them. What is their back story? How did they find themselves where they are now?

Wow. So much to say and so little room! Seven gifted (Mental and magical) survivors will save America. Three Marines, a Stormchaser, a doctor, a movie star and a witch. All from different parts of the US, they have one thing in common. Destiny.
14.) I’d like to know more about your book. Tell me all about it.

The main theme is survival, filled with subplots that center on strength, courage, romance, and fear. There’s a touch of the supernatural, okay more than a touch but it’s also realistic. You could do the things mentioned in this book and really survive a nuclear war and the aftermath.
 15.) What do you want readers to take from your writings?

A chill, a tear, a laugh. Emotions. It’s what makes my pen go round.

16.) Are more books to follow or is this a stand alone?

There are currently three books to the series, with the fourth set to be released on 12/21/2011, exactly one year before the world is supposed to end. Hope everyone will have had a chance to read it by then.
17.) Where can readers find you?

My blog has become the social hub of my life. You can find excerpts, free books (2 this month, right sidebar) pre-orders, interviews and all sorts of stuff there.

18.) What are 3 random things about yourself that readers might like to know.

I believe in Magic.

I think Mrs. Clinton should be President. Yes, Bill. I loathe the person who decided we have to get our teenagers up at 5 am for classes. I doubt very much that they themselves have ever had the pleasure.

19.) What do you do in your down time? For fun.

I Wii!!!!!!

And play ranch Rush, Mystic Inn, and I write. It’s addictive. Even a grocery list is a fix for a pen & paper addict like me.

20.) How about letting me have a sneak peak at chapter one?

My pleasure. This is the prologue. If don’t grab ya, nothing will…


Like most days now, the sound of the ocean haunts me.

My name is Angela. I’m a mother, doctor, soldier, and now, in the year 2017, I’ve become a leader of men. Thanks to the end of our world to nuclear war, I’m the Guardian of an American refugee camp named Safe Haven.

Surrounded by carefully watching guards, I sit beside the immense Pacific Ocean as my people work and play nearby, confident my Army will look after them while I tell you about the War of 2012 and how we were forced to leave our beloved Country. It was a nightmare from which we couldn’t wake. Some of us still haven’t and soon, we’ll be at the water’s mercy again. In less than two months, we’re going home.

America waits for us to reclaim and to rebuild, but mostly, simply, for us to return. Before we undertake that perilous journey, I have to get the 357 souls here ready for the trip and I only know one way it can be done: Adrian has to come back and lead us home as he promised.

He’s the reason so many of us survived and now that incredibly patriotic man has been exiled. His secret was the only excuse the camp needed to turn on him, but I won’t. I can’t. I swore myself to him the same as the rest of his Council and like them, I still believe.

I’ve gotten way ahead of myself, far beyond the beginning, when our future didn’t look as good is it does now. Most people here in New America won’t talk about the War or the long, ugly journey we made together. They say the memories have faded but I know a lie when I hear one. Some horrors you never forget. Like our final battle with Cesar and his large band of ruthless Mexican guerillas.

It’s been five years and I can still see the deep red streams of blood running down rain-soaked trees. I can still smell men burning alive in metal coffins. I dream of it sometimes: of the cold, wet night when I was the bait, and I’m sure Adrian does too. It was the moment we knew our people would live. We had found the strength to eliminate the threats to our survival before those threats could eliminate us; all because of Adrian.

He had kept us alive, gave us everything he had, and always did what was best for the camp, no matter what it cost him personally. He taught us to be stronger than we thought we could be, to look out for each other and ourselves, and through it all, he lied by omission, knowing these scared, hurting survivors would never have trusted him, would never have given him a chance, if they’d known who he really was.

We came a very long way together in the year after the War, over thousands of miles of heartbreaking devastation, and it hurts those of us who remain loyal to see him accept their unfair judgment without a fight. It makes everything we went through seem less important than it was, weakens the magic somehow, and I can’t allow that. I’ve been seeing open doors again, and that sly ocean cautions me, says the return trip will be just as hard as the one we undertook to get here. If there’s a storm headed our way, it’s our Shepherd we’ll need to see us through it.

So, for Adrian and for those of us standing by him, still ready to die for him, and for the dreams he made me believe in from almost the first minute I set foot in his Refugee camp, I will tell our story and leave nothing out. Maybe then these people will realize what he did for our country, accept how much we owe, and allow him to reclaim what’s rightfully his. Us.

Before I tell you about our harsh, ugly journey, let me show you what happened on that day, what they did to us and what we did to each other. This is how America’s story of survival began…


Angela, I want to thank you for stopping by! I enjoyed all of your answers and your book sounds like one people will want to read!


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6 responses to “Indie Author: Angela White

  1. Angela White

    October 10, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    Thanks so much for having me!

  2. Tim Rains

    October 10, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Just started reading Angela White’s first book in her series on my kindle and it has peaked my interest from the beginning of the book. Most books takes awhile to get me really interested, but this one held my interest from the beginning of it!


  3. Melissa Smith

    October 10, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    I’m so happy to have readers stop by and check out what their authors are doing! I know that hearing from a reader how much they love what you’ve done, is an awesome feeling
    Thank you for stopping by Tim!.

  4. Angela White

    October 10, 2011 at 10:37 pm

    Thank you so much Tim! Have you been to the interactive Safe Haven site yet? You can access it through my blog.


  5. nikkihasabookshelf

    October 11, 2011 at 8:18 am

    Paranormal Book Club sent me! Thanks for your donations! I loved your 20 questions blog post!

    • Melissa Smith

      October 11, 2011 at 12:38 pm

      Thank you for stopping by!! I’m really glad you liked my questions 🙂 there are more to come from other equally exciting authors!


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