18 May

Before I delved into the land of make-believe writing my first novel, I was (am) an artist. I’ve been drawing since I was in grade school. I still have some of those drawings too. I’ve always been creative in one form or another. Either in concert choir or of course, in the art department. I even took journalism but dropped it rather quickly because I didn’t like being told what kind of stories to write. I wanted control over my creativity.

Because of this I’ve always encouraged it in my own children. From the time they could squish a fat fist into finger paints and smear it across paper, they too have always had an art center that the neighborhood kids were always jealous of. Even my niece’s and nephew’s love coming to Aunt Missy’s house to play in the art center that’s still up and stocked. Even though my boys are ‘too old for that’ now. It’s still up. Hell, I work in preschool and I’m the Queen of Crafts and billboards.

Just a couple of weeks ago we (and I mean me) made paper airplanes. During the winter I made snowflakes and taught them how to properly fold and make their own. Then as spring came in we moved onto making paper flowers and making paper pots to put them in. Today we made pirate hats and made treasure maps of our classroom.

So with my website up and running a friend suggested that I put up some of my artwork. I did. You can find my artwork HERE. In the page labeled, of course, Artwork! Please come on over and take a look! Tell me what you think.

Thanks for visiting, please come back again.


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