Manicured Hands

15 Apr

Before I really started to write I had beautiful long painted nails that I meticulously took care of. Every week I changed the color of the polish from red to clear to pink with sparkles. I had all different types of files. One for shaping. One for polishing. And one for buffing out small little nicks. I even have a glass file.

But after getting into my first novel I realized something. They had to go. They were interfering with my typing. I would go to hit the ‘t’ and instead hit the ‘t’ and the ‘r’ at the same time. Double hits were happening all over the keyboard and it really pissed me off. Constantly hitting the backspace button to fix my mistakes was starting to grate.

Very reluctantly I got out the clippers that I never used for anything more than to trim them after a dreaded break or to sever a frayed cuticle. After making the first cut there was no going back. I cut them short. Not so short that they looked like children’s nails, but still long enough that when I polished them they looked cute.

So here again I find that it’s time for a cut. I’ve had long pretty nails for so long that having them short is actually taking some getting used to.

The things we do to accommodate our writing. I’m sure that I’m not the only one to have to adapt to writing for hours on end to make a successful and intriguing plot. I’m probably not the first to have to trim away some hindrance. But I do it in the end to put down a good story that I will be happy to write and then read and re-read again and again.


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